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OAR Corporation offers a variety of training options for RTEMS. These classes are offered in Huntsville Alabama and Munich Germany on a regular basis. All courses are taught by Joel Sherrill who is the current RTEMS maintainer and a member of the original team that designed and developed RTEMS. Pictures from previous classes are online here. A nice presentation is available on the RTEMS Moodle site.

The currently scheduled training sessions are:

  • Open Class - March 25-28, 2014 in Munich Germany.
    • For information and registration, visit the embedded Brains RTEMS Training page.
    • If interested in attending a class or scheduling a company specific class in Europe, please contact Thomas Doerfler (Thomas.Doerfler AT embedded-brains DOT de).

  • RTEMS Open Training Week - April 7-11, 2014 in Huntsville Alabama.
    • For further information, visit the OAR RTEMS Training page.
    • Kick Start - April 7, 2014 (Monday) in Huntsville Alabama: For information and the registration form, visit the Kick Start Training page.
    • Open Class - April 8 - 11, 2014 (Tuesday - Friday) in Huntsville Alabama. For information and the registration form, visit the Open Class Training page.
    • Note that if you attend both the Kick Start and Open Class in Huntsville, there is a discount.
    • To express interest in dates in Huntsville or to host a class at your company, please contact Joel Sherrill (joel.sherrill AT OARcorp DOT com).
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